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Seven Brothers

Seven Brothers S.A. is a tourism company comprises by two hotels, one of each a resort. The company is a unique part of Crete's industry and includes services like Spa centers and Restaurants.

Within the Seven Brothers Group are included the "Dimitrios Village Beach Resort & Spa" hotel, the "Dimitrios Beach" hotel - a hotel right on the beachfront of Rethymno and the fish restaurant "Seven Brothers Restaurant" located on the Venetian port right in the heart of the old town in Rethymno.


Seven Brothers S.A. started as a traditional fish restaurant in the Venetian Port of Rethymno by the Markoulakis family.

In the 1980's the family entered the tourism business when build "Dimitrios Beach" hotel right on the beachfront of Rethymno. The business choises and the quality of service doubled the properties and "Dimitrios Village Beach Resort & Spa" was the result. 

The landmark of the Seven Brothers S.A. - Dimitrios Village established as a leading tourism resort in Crete offering first class services and facilities. In 2010 the Dimitrios Village Beach Resort & Spa started operating within the hotel and for the first time luxury was affordable.

Goals - Cause

The companies goals are to create a unique experience for its customers and offer alternative holiday solutions that don't stop to accommodation.

Both hotels and the restaurant are fully compatible with each other giving the opportunity to the client for discounts and benefits.

Seven Brothers S.A. tries to offer "Tourism Culture" by offering quality services, low prices in a magnificent setting like Crete. The company, owners and staff welcomes you to a different experience.